Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Times Change!

It's quite late at night, well, technically speaking, quite early in the morning.
I was tired, but I felt an update to this was in order, seeing as I haven't written here in over a month.
I suppose the reasoning for that is very simple; I only tended to write here when something was troubling me or otherwise taking up negative space in my life.
The main reason for my absence is primarily due to the fact that I haven't had much to trouble me at all lately.
It makes me wonder how much longer I'm actually going to be writing in this blog.
You see, the past month or so has been one of my happiest. If you know me well, it's not up to me to explain why that is, and speaking quite frankly I shouldn't have to take the trouble to explain why I'm so happy. All I have to say is this in regards to my happiness, it's very funny how the most enjoyable moments of one's life seem to be very unexpected. It's also very interesting that no matter how much one may suppress certain feelings and emotions, they have a way of coming to the forefront and taking complete control of you. It's sort of your mind's way of letting you live your life to the fullest. A subconscious pump of adrenaline, if you will.

School's been out for over a week now, and I've got a heck of a summer coming to me.
I have literally nothing planned until late July, when I take my annual trip to one of my favorite places in the world, Cape May. All else I've got planned is marching band rehearsals and college visits. Until then, rest and relaxation is the name of my game.

I really haven't much else to say. I apologize for my lack of compelling writing, I'm sure I'll think of something else to write soon enough, something that doesn't directly relate to any sort of problems I'm having. (Finally!)
I leave you with a thought...

"Love and sex have co-existed as long as time, but humanity often forgets that one does not need to exist in order for the other to exist."