Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shameless Early Morning Posting - Happy New Year!

Why is it that inspiration only strikes me in the wee hours of the morning?
Is that really when the current of the creative river that is my thoughts flows most swiftly?

Hell if I know.

For all intensive purposes, posting at 2 am could be a direct result of my boredom, mixed with the fact that "normal" people have gone to sleep already, rendering any attempts at contact futile, topped with the delicious sprinkling of "I am nowhere near tired enough to try and sleep." Whatever the case, here I am once again annoying the masses with my miscellaneous collections of thoughts, that I deem significant, (ah, the irony! See blog title...) enough for the public to be made aware of.

2011 is finally upon us. It never quite strikes me that an entire year has passed by until January 2nd of the next year. Often during these particular periods, I take the time to reflect upon the past year, all its trials and tribulations, successes and failures, positive and negative choices and the consequences of these choices, etc. However, to do this in one night would require immense amounts of recollection and typing that quite frankly, I am far too lazy to undertake. The only words I have to say about 2010 and everything that occurred during the year are these: they're all over.

While the concept of a year is humanity's attempt to categorize passages of time, logically separated by revolutions of the Earth around the Sun, for symbolic purposes I like to catalog all of the events before January of the next year as "last year's events" and only use them for learning purposes that may benefit me in the year to come. 2011 then has the ability to become a clean slate, something that is inevitably desired by many, even if they are not aware of it. How many people do you witness wishing that they could simply "start over" and forgo all of their past experiences to pave the way for a second chance? I am particularly fond of this concept because similar to any and all human beings, I have made several mistakes over the past year. Though some of them have set me back a great deal, as a human being I have grown dramatically both psychologically and emotionally. I will take this time to be sappy, something that has never been seen in this blog, and state that I never imagined I could enter successfully into another relationship, had I been at the point I was during the summer. Fate has once again thrown me for a loop, and presented me with an opportunity I came very close to ignoring, giving me the gift of a significant other. With this establishment something has occurred that has been hitherto unheard of in my mind, actual hope for the future. Who would have thought that 2011 would bring with it the ray of sunshine I have both spurned and yearned for? Oddly enough, I have no profound new year's resolutions to speak of at the moment, apart from further developing my writing, singing, and guitar playing skills, as well as actually following through with the concept of getting in shape.

The idea of sleep is at this point beginning to pervade my thoughts, and the thought of being cocooned in my comforter is proving to be an endeavor I wish more and more to take with each passing minute. In other words, I am actually succumbing to tiredness. Goodnight to my infinitesimal amounts of readers, and a Happy New Year to all!

"His heart is a suspended lute, when one touches it, it resounds." -Edgar Allan Poe