Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Identity Crisis

What makes me a poet?
Is it that I write with intent,
or that you read what I write with intent?

What if there is no intent, just words;
meaningless, seemingly nonsensical and superfluous verbiage,
and you manage to decipher a meaning from it?

Further, is it poetry if I did not mean for meaning,
or if I simply meant to take away the means
by which a reader such as yourself would interpret any meaning?

Do my emotions have any weight, any substance at all;
so that in weaving the thread of stanza, rhyme, and meter,
they provide the dye of comprehension?

How do I know that if I scream anger on paper
sadness will not effuse from your eyes?

How do I know that if I laugh at the page with mirth,
or press it to my heart with grief,
any blood or tears of mine are of any worth,
other than your own personal belief?

I can't assure a single thing, can I?
You love to keep me guessing, don't you?

The joke's on you this time, I'm afraid.
Keep me guessing and struggling to assure myself that I am a poet,
because as long as I'm doing that;
I am.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'll take you to a place.
A place you've never been before.
Won't tell you when or where,
Or how I'll get you there.
But I can promise one thing,
You've never been there before.

I'll let you in on a secret.
This place you'll go, it has no name.
A location, for sure,
Though nothing more.
But I can assure one thing,
You've never been there before.

I can only give you three hints, one,
You've seen it somewhere recently.
Perhaps in a dream,
Certainly, it would seem.
But I can confide one thing,
You've never been there before.

Another hint I'll give you, two,
I talk about it all the time.
Soft, spoken words,
I'm sure you've heard.
But I can ensure one thing,
You've never been there before.

The final hint I'll give you, three,
It's much closer than you think.
Deceivingly near,
Don't draw a tear.
But I can pledge two things,
You've never been there before;

And once you have,
You'll never want to leave.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Is Just a Test....

So I've made the decision to import my writings here into Facebook. I'm not entirely sure whether this is a good idea or not, but it will certainly permit my blog to be more accessible than it is. This is only a test to see how effective the technology really is in updating my notes for the blog. I hope my (hopefully) larger number of readers will enjoy this!

Odi et Scribo

This is the shortest and longest blog post I will ever make. Why even bother, perhaps you wonder? Hell if I know, but I know what my intentions are and the rest of you can enjoy yourselves trying to figure them out.