Monday, December 6, 2010

First Snow!

So, I lied.

The posts have not been coming as frequently as I promised or prophecized they would have. What do you want from me, I'm spending most of my time these days with various college studies and debauchery, (I will not say which of more I'm doing, lest it tarnish my reputation), and frankly, I've barely had time to reflect and write about my thoughts for a while. Here and there I'll compose a song or write a poem, but as far as cut and dried psychological analysis is concerned, I'm strongly lacking, at least presently I am.

There is hope, though, because today I have been incredibly productive! I attended all of my classes and tried significantly to retain all the information presented in each, I mailed in three scholarships, found ten dollars, with which I bought the chinese food I am now eating, saw Krysten (yes, I am once again someone's boyfriend. Don't you love when the complete opposite of your original intentions occurs? Needless to say I couldn't be happier with my decision), and most importantly, purchased a new notebook! I had been complaining that I had only been able to scribble my thoughts on loose leaf paper, which proves to be very annoying from a collective standpoint.

I've also noticed a fundamental issue with my whole blog, as I have entitled my writings as "Insignificant Adolescent Ramblings". Am I, a 19 year old college student, still considered to be an adolescent? At what point does adolescence transition into adulthood? I took a detour to and discovered that two definitions exist,

1) growing to manhood or womanhood; youthful
2) immature, young

Physically, I am still an adolescent. Sources say a man's ultimate end in growth ends at age 21. Psychologically, however, I am under the impression that I will always remain an adolescent. To me, the term can be coined as one who is always learning, and a personal tenet of mine is that one should never halt the flow of learning. So perhaps my blog's name is not an issue at all. Perhaps this simply means that as time goes on, the title becomes more and more ironic, considering that anyone who has reached adulthood is not expected to continue adolescent psychological growth. I consider myself an antithesis to this, as I believe that the human mind is capable of growth at any time in one's life.

Anyway, in Calculus today, we covered a topic that I had never gone over in high school, and after twenty minutes of complete non-understanding, I began to write in my new notebook. What resulted is something I am unsure of; whether what I wrote is a poem or a rant. "Poetry" is a very broad term for the artful use of language, but I question when certain types of poetry become rambling. I'll let you be the judge:

So I'm sitting in Calculus trying to solve a problem,
And I have no clue how to try to solve the problem.
There are more letters than numbers on the page,
More Greek letters than English ones, to boot.

Never mind, all it took was some coaxing,
But do I truly understand,
Or do I simply parrot what the instructor instructs,
as I instruct my tenuous methods to my classmates?

I won't truly know until the final exam.
Clearly, mathematics is not my strong point,
At least not such abstract mathematics as Calculus.
Every day, I long exponentially for the days of algebra.

And after I have stared blankly at the page for twenty minutes,
Pondering my academic fate,
I realize that class is over, and just how productive I've been.
Simultaneously, I realize that this may be my last math class,
Only penultimate if statistics is in my future.

[End...poem? Is it really a poem?]

I'm not sure what it is, but I wrote it. Whoever still follows this, thank you very much for reading, it's always appreciated. In case you're all wondering why I entitled this post "first snow", it snowed here for the first time this year. Oh, how I love the snow...