Monday, June 7, 2010

Lyrics, possibly for the first time!

So, tonight I'm going to present you all with one of my few finished songs. Exciting, isn't it? Funny, I can almost hear your collective eyes rolling...

It's entitled, "Broken Harmony"

Butterflies, and bright blue skies,
Could not compare to the light reflecting from your eyes,
It isn't fair, why aren't I there,
To see that light shining through the window and glossing off your hair,
I've got no choice, but to rejoice,
In the hypnotizing symphony that echoes through your voice,
Just look at me, and count to three,
Touch my lips to yours and for once I'm sure,
There's nowhere else in the world we'll wish to be...


A distance separates us, but you're still here in my arms,
Your voice is miles away but oh, I hear you singing,
And I'm singing too,
Even though it's only half the song without you here to sing along,
A distance separates us, but let our voices ring,
I can't hear you, you can't hear me,
But together we still sing.

The train back here, was cause for fear,
For each miles put between us brought on another tear,
The sun shone bright, while such a sight,
Could not erase the thought that laying in my bed tonight,
When I awoke, I'd call your name,
And come to realize that it could never be the same,
But I'd run outside, start singing my song,
And listen closely hoping that I can hear you sing along...

*chorus again*

(Author's note: the following portion of the song should be sung in male and female harmony. Just because it's awesome.)

Though you're nowhere near me,
I can still hear your melody.
Though you're not beside me,
We sing our song together perfectly.
Even if I can't see you, let the music flow from you to me,
Breaking through our distance with a broken harmony.

*chorus, just one last time, I promise*

(Author's note: sung in male and female harmony again, though a capella during this portion, as opposed to previous portion.)

I'll be with you, then we'll be free,
Breaking through the distance with a broken harmony.

Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoy the lyrics! =)