Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's me again!

Again, before writing I feel the need to apologize for my hiatus in writing. (I also apologize for my particularly pompous introductions to my writing. This has to be rather annoying for whatever infinitesimal amounts of readers I have.) Anyway, all wordiness aside, I believe the time has come for my writing to pick up the pace that it had attained in the past. For reasons hitherto unknown to me, I have been finding it very difficult to write anything for a while.

I'm not sure if I can promise a daily update, as my laziness and whatever of a social life I have will undoubtedly hinder this. But I can promise more than I have been writing.

So, I'm sure my oh so loving audience, (I hope by now anyone has realized that this is full-on sarcasm; I'm not conceited in the least. Although is boasting about not being conceited a conceited thing to say? Ah, the paradoxes of life) has been on the edge of their seat about what sort of exciting new episodes are happening in my life. Well, for anyone that is Facebook-savvy or simply listens around the grapevine, I'm sans female these days. (This does not mean I've gone gay, as I'm sure Felipe will comment on if he ever reads this.) And, that's all I'll say about that. I'm not going to explain anything here about the nature of any of my relationships. I'm sorry to sound so infuriated about this, but it seems as though to the high school world, a person is entirely defined by the relationships they are in, who they associate themselves with, whether it is with friends or girlfriends or anything in between. Shouldn't someone be based on their own personal choices, not the ones others make around them? Reputation is something that is based on one person's choices, decisions, actions, whatever you want to call it. While it is true that you do decide the relationships you become entangled in, you also decide how you operate within those relationships. This should be the deciding factor, but often it is not the case. That's the end of my rant, though.

Everything is somewhat returning back to what it had been, and I am happy to have my friends back. Though I am having a difficult time adjusting, they are expediting the process. I'm finding it particularly difficult to find my way these days, if that makes any sense, mainly because of all the changes that are taking place. College is just around the corner, and as excited as I am about it, I am equivalently as apprehensive. I know that it will be an exciting experience, but all the same there's no way I will be properly prepared for it until the day itself arrives. I'm not entirely sure where it's going to take me...

Anyway, I do have much more on my mind, but unfortunately there is also a rather difficult Calculus exam tomorrow weighing my thoughts. I promise there will be much more writing in the future (exciting, right?)
Goodnight everyone.

"And on that day she said to me, go back home to your secrecy."

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