Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Late, Yet Still I Write

Ah, the remarkable capacity of college life. It keeps you up until the wee hours of the morning doing things that range from perfectly productive activities such as Chemistry homework, that I should probably be doing, on a side note, to checking the updates on the new comic from Cyanide & Happiness, to the crazy antics of the various texters of Texts From Last Night. Granted, I'm used to it at this point, as embarking onto my sleep journey at any point before 2 a.m. just seems downright immoral for a college student such as myself to do. I always used to question exactly why my older friends coming home from college would do nothing but sleep, but a month and a half into the whole experience has elucidated me to the reasoning behind the enormous amounts of lethargy. I very enormously enjoy the convention of sleep, laying in my warm and soft bed in a gentle cotton cocoon that is my comforter, but there just seem to be so many other activities that dissuade me from embracing sleep's comforting arms.

In other words, college life is fucking awesome.

Again, it's been a fairly significant amount of time since the last time I posted, and I really have no definitive reasoning for this lapse in writing other than that I've been very busy, and that the idea of typing out my thoughts has been somewhat quashed following the rigidity of the writing style that I am forced to write in for Expository writing. Seriously, writing with that strict of a set of guidelines is not my cup of tea, I prefer to take liberties in my writing, and to attempt creativity wherever possible. This is why I plan to take a creative writing course come the spring semester. Hopefully now that my body has for the most part adjusted to the onslaught of sleep deprivation and dining hall food, (which, by the way is really good despite my attempt at humor) it will be far less of an arduous task for me to write here.

Oh, and I'm not certain I mentioned this in previous entries, but I've finally reverted back to the sense of self that I wanted to retain. For a long period of time, as many of my close readers may know, if any still exist, I have been trying to return to the state of mind that I had originally been in, because it had drastically been altered, due to specific reasons that I really do not care to name. This is solely for anyone who is still worried about me, I am back. It was scary for very long period of time, but I've finally discovered exactly what I want to be, and that is the way I am currently. I'm silly, I find humor in nearly every situation, I'm vastly immature, and I don't want to do a god damn thing about it, because I enjoy being this way. Oh, and I'm growing my hair out again.

Once again, thank you all very much for reading. If there are still any followers out there, it means a great deal that you've stuck it out waiting for an update.

I leave you all with a quote to end it, as is my custom, goodnight all!

"Nobody is perfect, so to judge others is to invite judgment upon ourselves

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  1. aw sam :D be who you are and saw what you want, because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.