Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poetic? I think not.

Tonight, I don't really have much to enlighten anyone on.
So, in order to save you the immense dissatisfaction in what could be possibly the most drawn-out series of thoughts that will ultimately culminate in nothing gained...
I present a poem for your enjoyment.
It is thus far untitled. (I'm working on it.)

What if we bought time, and gave it a home?
Would we use it, or lose it?
Should we feed it, or mistreat it?
Could we cherish it, or demolish it?

Could it be kept on a leash, and would it come when we called it?

Should we watch it try, or let it die, or hope for it to satisfy?
Would it leave us in suspense, or make amends?
Come to greet you, or try to defeat you?
Would it give you a helping hand, or push your face into the sand?

Whether for or against us,
Completed or commenced for us,
Sitting, standing, or lying down for us,
Smiling, worrying, or crying for us,

Time will not let us down.

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