Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stormy Skies

I'm kind of a weird kid. I strongly prefer a raging thunderstorm, complete with downpour and high winds, to a bright sunny day. The sun is nice and all, but I've found I suffer from a peculiar sort of complex during sunny days. As I sit in my room doing whatever it is that occupies my time currently, whether it be guitar playing, trumpeting or MouseHunt, (mostly MouseHunt), on a sunny day I will be plagued with a sense of guilt that I am not outside enjoying the beautiful day. It's almost enough to cause me a bit of stress in that I am doing nothing productive, when I could easily be outside, presumably doing something a bit more constructive. The logic behind that is a tad flawed, however; as being outside, in the long run, will not typically bring about any sort of major life improvement, more so than remaining inside. Back to my main point, however, on a night such as this where it is pouring rain, I can find solace in knowing that everyone else, much like myself, is sitting inside doing absolutely nothing of particular interest. The truth is, I'm more inclined to want to take a nice leisurely walk outside in the middle of a thunderstorm than I am on a sunny day. Then I remember that rain gets you really wet. Stupid obvious common sense, ruining what could be an excellent idea.

Comparable to last week, which was nothing short of the lowest level of hell, this week breezed on by quicker than the winds I can hear whistling outside, or faster than the flash of lightning that zigzagged through the sky just now.

Have I mentioned that I believe that thunderstorms are incredibly beautiful?

In the moment that I revelled in the beauty of the raging thunderstorm just now, I've had an epiphany. Much of what I find so endearing about thunderstorms is what I typically look for in a girl. An obvious sense of beauty, and not necessarily superficial beauty, (perhaps such as a sunny day?), but a sense of beauty that one finds after an analysis of what one believes to be beautiful. In a nutshell, I mean to say that a less obvious, but once discovered, very powerful beauty occurs. Not the kind that makeup or clothing can endorse, more of an intrinsic sense of beauty one can only discover for themselves. Secondly, a certain strength exists in a thunderstorm, no arguing that. I also find a sense of strength very attractive in a girl; the fact that they can endure a period of emotional or physical stress with relative ease, much as I am able to. Lastly, a thunderstorm has a sense of spontaneity to it, because one never knows when the next flash of lightning is going to occur, or a crack of thunder, or a sudden downpour of rain. I feel the same should hold true for a girl; that a bit of unpredictability always keeps things interesting.

I know what you're thinking; of course I've got girls on the brain.
I'm a teenage boy, and as my parents would say, raging with hormones.
Although I must admit, the fact that I compared a thunderstorm to desirable traits in a girl is a bit beyond my typical cogitative scope, and frankly I am a bit surprised by my discovery.
Funny what kind of realizations can occur at 1 in the morning, isn't it?


  1. I love thunderstorms for the exact same reason, though I love walking in them. I don't mind getting soaked. I typed this I realized that you probably already knew that about me, considering we did once have a conversation interrupted by me going to dance in the rain. Oh well, might as well send it.

  2. yeah thunderstorms are great! i'd have to agree with you but don't forget... thunderstorms can shock you! ;)

    btw rain is made of win lol