Friday, February 13, 2009

Luck of the draw.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Despite the superstition, today was a reasonably good day!
I aced the two quizzes I had today, had a half day in school, got to spend some quality time with my friends, and not far into my walk home from Felipe's house, Cassie and her family picked me up. (While on one of their back-and-forth trips to their new house, I presume.)

So all in all, not a bad day.

Tomorrow is looking mighty bleak though, I have to say.
An early Happy Valentine's day to all, I won't be able to say anything tomorrow, as I'll be away.

Happy is a funny word to mention about Valentine's, as mine will be anything but.
I'll likely be spending it alone, playing guitar, and watching the reruns of House that I strongly hope will be playing.
I have no Valentine this year, a first for me in two years, and it's quite odd, to say the least.

If there are any active readers of my blog, (which I doubt), there is someone I very strongly hope to be my Valentine.
But I seriously doubt anything will come of that, but that won't prevent me from hoping...

Anyway, to prevent myself from ranting, I end it here. To all those who will be spending Valentine's with the one they love, (this goes especially for John and Dan!), enjoy this romantic day!

"Her rejection of her past was the first, last, and only step toward her future."

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