Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Call it in the air, heads or tails

my user infoNow that my brain has finally been filtered of the (annoyingly elementary) math I had to use during the HSPA today...

Sit back and imagine this.

You're given a difficult choice.
It's one of those life-altering decisions you must make, the outcome of which could either make or break your entire life; and after having made the decision you find yourself wondering what the outcome of the other choice would have been. (Isn't the subjunctive mood wonderful?)

The proverbial red pill or blue pill, for any of you Matrix fans out there.

Now here comes the interesting part.
How is it that we label certain choices as "life-altering" and others as trivial? If you've ever seen The Butterfly Effect, (starring Ashton Kutcher, great movie, I highly recommend you see it), the decisions we make at pivotal points in our lives subsequently affect the rest of our natural lives.
Who's to say when a certain point is pivotal?
A choice is a choice. Most of the time they are two sided, one option or the other. (Flip a coin, my good friend John always says...)
Any choice made has an outcome that affects you, whether on a small scale or a large one. Any moment in your life, where you have to make a choice, even as simple as "should I wear my Latin Club T-shirt or my funky green one" (Yes, this is a choice I made this morning. If you saw me today, I chose the funky green one), can alter the turn of events that occurs.

Say I decided to go with wearing my Latin Club T-shirt today. Perhaps, upon walking home from school, and stopping at Greenberry's, I took off my jacket. A man happened to see the writing on my shirt, and asked me what it meant. I would respond, and the man would laugh at the humor of the shirt. (Sumus fatalis machina. We are a deadly machine.) Suppose this man was a reporter for the Daily Record. He would then ask if I wanted to be interviewed about the Latin Club and its proceedings. Thus, the Latin Club would be on tomorrow's headlines.

Yes, it's a long shot.
But anyone who believes in "anything is possible" theory will agree with me that it can happen.
As simple a choice as deciding what shirt to wear could change how your whole day, or more, turns out.

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the point.
There are no pivotal moments in one's life.
There are choices, and while at first some may seem to have more gravity, any choice can bring about some kind of life-altering event.

These are my thoughts at 11 o' clock at night. I could never have them during the school day; school is the worst kind of sedative.

Thank you for your time!

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