Sunday, April 5, 2009


(I frequently post titles in Latin. For all of you who know none, shame on you, and the title means "enough!")

I can't take it anymore.
You have to hear it.

I lied a few days ago.
There is something that singularly eats away at me every single day.
And it's about time that you heard it.
I don't even care that I just began a sentence with and, and that I could have just as easily combined it with the previous one in a conjunctive clause.
There are more important things that need addressing, and I'll type them in the somewhat ambiguous poem that I wrote a few minutes ago. It has no meter, no rhyme, and no logical pattern.
It's ranting, pure and simple.
Don't try to figure out what it means, I prefer it that way.

The way I looked into your eyes and smiled means nothing,
But the way he snatches you away means everything.
How I talked to you, hung on to every word you spoke was not important,
Yet he cares not what you speak or feel, and you give him all your care.
I'm not dangerous, so I'm not worth your time, and I sit here and cry,
While I watch you risk your life.

Thank you for your time.

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