Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools and Follies

April showers bring May flowers, the saying goes.

I'm an enormous fan of rainy days. After all, the rushing sound of the rain is proven to be one of nature's calming pills. The sound of rain dropping against the metal of the gutter above me sounds almost musical. This isn't much of a surprise; musical things occur in nature ubiquitously. The chirping of birds, wind rushing through trees, some small animal scurrying about in a pile of leaves left over from last autumn, the slow bubbling and churning of some small, winding stream, all equate to the sound of the instruments in a symphony orchestra.

However, the May flowers born from this wet sonata bring allergies. Stupid pollen.

My oh my, it's been such a long time since I could sit down at my computer and type without any sort of rehearsal or otherwise time-consuming event interrupting me. I apologize for my taciturnity; I've recently been involved in a number of events, most recently the high school's musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. As a first-year member of the pit orchestra, I don't feel any sort of nostalgia toward the play. Listening to senior goodbye speeches, while touching, didn't quite strike the chord needed for me to start crying. Besides, I never cry during events such as those. The water works come afterward. I'm sure next year, I'll feel something, although never as strongly as those who have been involved in theater for 4 years. It would only be 2 for me, assuming I'm in the pit orchestra next year.


These past few weeks have been somewhat good to me. Nothing really awful has happened, there were a few setbacks, but nothing worth dwelling on. All I'm really doing at the moment is fighting off a cold and eagerly awaiting spring break to begin. Believe you me, I need the rest. The last two weeks, while favorable, have been both physically (blame weight room) and mentally taxing. Sleep is imminent.

Nothing especially troubles me enough to talk about. I know, boring, but nothing I'm feeling really needs to be talked about. I think I'm numb to a great deal of things at the moment. To be honest, I'm not at all questioning this. I'm enjoying it. Maybe it's just because I love the rain so much, and it calms me.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. hey, glad I'm not the only one who didn't really get all that attached and teary at the circle thingy, I feel kinda like pit is almost a separate entity and were just kinda along for the ride :p Glad to here things are going good for you, hope they stay that way, we gotta do somthin over break...